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BINGO Packages


These BINGO Packages include: Admission and 2 books (6 cards) of 5 Specials and 1 Jackpot
6 Card Package - $10.00
9 Card Package - $12.00
These BINGO Packages include: Admission and 4 books (12 cards) of 5 Specials and 1 Jackpot
12 Card Package - $17.00
15 Card Package - $19.00
18 Card Package - $20.00
These BINGO Packages include: Admission and 5 books (15 cards) of 5 Specials and 1 Jackpot
24 Card Package - $26.00
30 Card Package - $30.00
Additional books of 5 Specials:
1 book – (3 cards) - $4.00
2 books – (6 cards) - $8.00
3 books – (9 cards) - $12.00
“Pot-Of-Gold” - $1.00
“Jackpot” (3 cards) - $1.00
“Early Birds” (3 cards of 5 games) - $2.00
We welcome your personal check. I.D. and phone numbers are required.
Our charge for a returned check is $30.00
Two returned checks in one year will result in the loss of check cashing privileges.
House Rules

1. Regular BINGO shall include only the following: 5 in a row vertically, horizontally, diagonally, 4 corners, or a postage stamp.
2. You must have BINGO on the last number called.
3. You must be at least 14 years old to play BINGO and at least 18 years old for the pull cards.  Players under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/gaurdian.
4. Only one BINGO per card.
5. No Sharing of packages is allowed. Only one package per player is allowed.
6. All base prizes are divided by the number of winning cards.
7. Players must have their own entry ticket dated for the evening. Tickets must be kept in sight at all times, showing the number of cards being played.
8. Playing more cards than your entry ticket allows forfeits your BINGO.
9. Call out loud and clear when you have a BINGO and Raise your hand. Failure to do this may result in your not winning.
10. The lighted board is for your convenience, only the ball is official and anyone may check the balls at any time. The monitors show the next ball being called. Please wait for it to be called, if you need it for BINGO.
11. When there are at least 60 players, bonuses will be paid. (There is a $20.00 bonus for BINGO called in five numbers or less on regular card games). (There is a $25.00 bonus for BINGO in twenty numbers or less on the five specials that are included in your package).
12. All workers are volunteers and are here to help you enjoy yourself. Abusive or disruptive behavior towards the workers or other players will not be tolerated.
13. Any concerns, complaints, or comments may be directed to the BINGO chairperson.

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